1) Call
Call Three Steps Forward with any questions you have about what it's like to work with Laurie and/or to schedule an appointment. This is a great opportunity for you to express any concerns or apprehension you may have about the counseling process.
2) First Appointment
This session is typically one hour long and is for assessment purposes.  You will begin to discuss why you chose to enter into counseling, how you feel about doing so, and what you hope to accomplish. The concept of confidentiality will be explained.
3) Coming to Counseling
It is best to attend counseling sessions on a weekly basis at the start of treatment. Sessions are 45 minutes long (exceptions are RTT sessions which are longer).  Together, you and I will determine what the primary goals of therapy are, and the most appropriate, comfortable means of moving toward those aims. It is NOT my intention to keep you as my client forever. Rather, it is my goal to help you feel better as soon as possible. We will spread your appointments out as your well-being improves.
4) Termination
Once you have achieved the goals you set forth, you and I will review your progress and how you intend to continue to move forward successfully and independently. The option of returning to counseling is, of course, always available. I am always here as a resource for you.

Laurie Leinwand, MA Licensed Professional Counselor 
​rapid transformational therapist, certified hypnotherapist